Dentist Questions Flossing

Is it good to floss your teeth?

I'm 30 years old, and I currently floss my teeth every day. Is it healthy to floss every day?

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Yes, we recommend you to floss at least twice a day. This provides good oral hygiene and helps prevents future cavities and other complications.

Thank you for your question.
It is recommended.
Most people think that the main purpose of floss is to remove food pieces caught between the teeth. Although floss will do that, the more important purpose is to remove the biofilm that coats the teeth. When you eat, a film forms on the teeth (like egg yolk on a plate). Brushing will remove the biofilm from most of the teeth, but not the part in between where teeth touch. Bacteria that cause decay and gum disease hide in the sticky biofilm. So by flossing daily, you're removing the biofilm and reducing the chance of decay and gum disease...which recent studies also show can increase the chance of Alzheimer. Best time to floss is after the last time you eat during the day.
I tell people it's like taking a shower. It's a good thing to take a shower, it keeps you clean and fresh, but no one will say that you will live longer because of it. In my experience, and reviewing the scientific literature, I have not seen any direct evidence that flossing regularly leads to keeping your teeth longer. So, I tell people that if you're only doing it to enhance your dental health, it is far from clear that it will. It may do so, but it may have no effect, and I think that in the majority of people, floss has no effect in the longevity and the health of the teeth. It may reduce inflammation around the gums, but it is not clear what role, if any, that has in the longevity of the teeth in the mouth.
No question. Doing that and using a good, soft toothbrush will lead to years of healthy teeth and gums. Your dentist or hygienist can instruct you on the proper use of both.