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Is it normal for your tooth to hurt after a crown?

I am a 35 year old male and I had a dental crown procedure 2 days ago. My mouth is so sore I can hardly eat. Is it normal for your tooth to hurt after a crown?

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Yes it is usually sore few a few days to a week after
Yes, it can be perfectly normal. The crown appointment is like a surgery for your tooth. It is a long time for the inner layer to be exposed and requires a lot of drilling. The good news is that the soreness should go away with time. As long as the discomfort is improving, it should continue that way and settle down. Unfortunately, because of the reason a crown has been recommended (a cracked tooth, cracked filling, large filling, etc.), there could be issues that weren't able to be resolved by placing the crown. In these cases, a root canal may be needed or the tooth may not be able to be saved and may need to be taken out. Let your dentist know if the symptoms are getting worse ASAP.

Dr. Stephanie Stephan, DDS

Not normally. Unless the bite is not right, it may cause some discomfort.
It's normal for it to be a little sensitive immediately after a crown, but it is also possible that your bite is off. You should return to your dentist for evaluation.
Sometimes It can be sore around the gum line or in your jaw bone where the needle was given. Try some warm salt water and take some ibuprofen.
It depends on the tooth and the depth of the damage. Normally it takes your mouth about a week or two to get used to a crown so you may experience some pain in that time. Sometimes if the decay or damage is deep enough the tooth will continue to hurt and may need a root canal. Then there is also the chance of referred pain and phantom pain, but those are less likely. Follow your dentist's post-op instructions and give it a week to see if it calms down.

Jim Kline
Call your dentist, sometimes your bite needs to be adjusted.
See your dentist about the soreness and if it's related to the crown.