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Is it ok to sleep with your dentures in?

I am a 50 year old male. I want to know if it's ok to sleep with your dentures in?

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No.... I do recommend taking denture out to gives a chance for your gums to relax as well as Breathe at the same time. Never sleep with your dentures on.
Yes, but it's like wearing shoes all the time, you feet need a chance to breathe. It can also lead to fungal infections in the mouth.
Yes, you can but you should also remove and clean your denture at regular interval. If you are leaving your denture in, make sure they are well fitted. I don’t want you to have dislodged dentures that end up choking you in your sleep.
It is not recommended that you sleep in dentures . The denture should. E removed from the oral cavity at night prior to going to bed and the dentures should be cleaned. The oral cavity should be cleaned as well and the soft tissues of the oral cavity need to be able to breathe for at lease 6 to 8 hours
Not really. As your breathing and respiration slow down, so does your saliva flow. With less saliva flow, the movement of the denture at night causes irritation of the hard (bone) and soft (palate) tissue in the mouth. It is best to let the mouth rest at night free from denture friction.
In general, this is not recommended.
No, you should not sleep with your dentures in. The soft tissues under your dentures or partial dentures need to be exposed to oxygen at bedtime. Gums that are continually deprived of oxygen can become sponge like and lead to ill fitting dentures. The only time you should sleep with a removable appliance in your mouth is when advised by your dentist.
Yes, if clean.
You do not want to sleep with your dentures, for you want the gums to have chance to relax. If you continually sleep with a denture, you will develop a fungal infection and need special medication to remove the infection
Sleeping with full or removable partial dentures is definitely not recommended. This tends to create gum sores, causes the underlying bone to disintegrate, and only leads to poor hygiene and ill-fitting dentures.
It is better to sleep with your dentures in to maintain a good airway when you sleep. Make sure the dentures are clean before you sleep with them in your mouth.

Yes, it's ok. Just make sure it is clean. Although, it could be suggested to let your gum rest by not putting it in.

It is not a good idea to sleep with dentures in your mouth. While it is unlikely that you will choke on them, they can move around and cause you some discomfort while you sleep. You could also spit them out while you sleep as well. Perhaps the biggest reason you should not sleep with dentures in is that they cause a change in the bacteria in your mouth and you will likely wind up with a yeast infection in the exact shape of your denture.
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William F. Scott IV, DMD