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Is it OK to workout with a pinched nerve?

I am a 27 year old male. I want to know if it is OK to workout with a pinched nerve?

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The body likes motion, even with a "pinched nerve." Also, the body heals based on use, so if you are an active person, you should remain so to tolerance. Use the red light-green light method. Try the activity and continue provided it causes no discomfort. If so, stop for a few minutes and retry. If the pain resumes, stop again and try one last time. If the pain continues, try something different and retry the aggravating exercise in a couple of days. This advice depends on what exactly you are doing and what is causing the "pinched nerve". If in doubt, see a professional.
Caution, caution, caution! If you have an injury, you should be careful doing any exercise that may make things worse. A pinched nerve should not be stressed in general. More information is needed as to where your pinched nerve is and what other symptoms you are experiencing to truly answer your question correctly. My advice is to go and have your complaint assessed by a chiropractor or MD.
I would get the pinched nerve taken care of by your chiropractor otherwise you could do worse harm/injury to your body and that nerve over time.

Skylar Bakko, DC QNCP PAK BFM

As a chiropractor and professional athlete, I would not recommend to workout with a pinched nerve. First of all, it will limit your range of motion and ability to jump, lift, squad..(depends on your working out routine). You should see a doctor of chiropractic first to rule out any pathology or underlaying conditions ( pinched nerve could mask something more serious). As soon as the pain and discomfort gone, you can go back to the gym and start doing you routing. A first week I would recommend to work out in very slow pace. If it is only pinched nerve, adjustment will help to relieve the pain and will enable to be back at the gym at no time.
If you have a pinched nerve, you should get it evaluated and treated properly.
A pinched nerve should be assessed and treated by a competent chiropractor most importantly, whether to workout or not depends on the severity of the pinched nerve.
Hope that helps!

Dr. Josh Barton
Working out with a pinched nerve may aggravate the structures that are pinching the nerve. I would be weary of further aggravating the nerve, but it is a good idea to keep moving. I recommend seeking out a Chiropractor or Physical Therapist for this issue.