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Is it periods or implantation bleeding?

I am a 30 year old woman. I had a sexual contact with my partner, post which my periods got delayed by 15 days. I did a pregnancy test which came negative. I just got my periods today however, the pain and the bleeding pattern seems to be a little different. Could it be implantation bleeding and not periods?

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Most likely this is a delayed menses given onset was on the 40th day of your cycle and pregnancy test noted negative.
Looks like it is your period, but to be on the safe side, you can visit your ob/gyn and do a blood pregnancy test.
Repeat pregnancy test in 2 weeks, then see your doctor.
It is unlikely that it is a miscarriage. Periods sometimes could be delayed due to various reasons including stress, bleeding after a delayed period could be heavy, sometimes painful. Please see your OBGyn if you still have concerns.
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Implantation bleeding oocurs at or around when the blastocyst attaches to the endometrial layer. The pregnancy test would have already positive, if it were implantation bleeding.

So it sounds like the endometrial lining was delayed to release from the uterine wall.

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A delayed menstrual flow with pelvic pain is not normal. You should see a gynecologist for evaluation. A serum (blood) pregnancy test is recommended.
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Thank you for reaching out and asking my opinion. It sounds like the bleeding pattern, pain, and timing of your bleeding is very different from normal. And it seems like you know the typical spacing of your menses if you were 15 days late. Even though your home pregnancy test is negative, it would be prudent to have a blood pregnancy test done to ensure you are not pregnant; on some occasions, a urine test may be negative but the blood will be positive. It is unlikely for this to be implantation bleeding as the timing of that bleeding is approximately 7 days after ovulation.
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You could take another pregnancy test, but could just be different as menses was delayed. Could just be stress or hormonal. If continues to be abnormal the next month, then go to get evaluated.
It is possible it is implantation bleed, but it is also possible you had a longer cycle than usual and you just ovulated later than usual (maybe due to stress).