Dentist Questions Spots on tongue

Is it possible to remove dark spots on my tongue?

I have dark spots on my tongue, and they really don't look good. I might have gotten these spots from eating very hot food. What can I do to get rid of them?

6 Answers

Dark spots on the tongue are usually not a cosmetic concern. If you have been seen by a dental professional, and infection or disease has been ruled out, then my suggestion is to leave the spots alone. There is a condition called "geographic tongue," which is a darker and lighter random pattern on the tongue. This is a normal anatomic condition for those that have it. Again, seeing your dentist to confirm that the spots do not represent anything other than a color difference is highly recommended.
The dark spots on your tongue are usually natural pigmentation. You can brush your tongue to keep it clean and healthy but if the spots are from natural pigmentation they are not removable.
Discolored tongue tissue is not normal unless you just ate a green or purple lollipop. If it’s not returning back to normal in a day or less, I highly suggest you visit your dentist for an evaluation.

Dr. Jensen
You probably need to see your dentist or oral surgeon. Food doesn't usually cause such spots.
You will have to have them evaluated by a dentist for the diagnosis and based on that, the treatment will be decided.
Have the dark spots examined by a dentist to determine what is the cause.