Dentist Questions Teeth Whitening

Is it possible to whiten my teeth at home?

I do like going to get my teeth whitened, but it's starting to get a little too expensive. Are there ways to whiten my teeth with some home remedies?

9 Answers

Doing it professionally is a lot cheaper in the long run
Whitening strips, or charcoal toothpaste
Not like a professional whitening, but brushing and avoiding staining foods can keep them from staining.
Yes there are over the counter whitening systems available. Most require much more time and effort to whiten your teeth than if it is done by a dentist.
There are some over-the-counter remedies, i.e., Crest white strips, but I would have your dentist make whitening trays so you can use the professional gels at home when you want to.
Unfortunately there are not any safe reliable home remedies that I know of to recommend. There are commercially available safe reliable home systems that are reasonably priced.
Yes. Go to the pharmacy and see the myriad of whitening systems offered. They all work to some degree. An example is Crest White Strips.
Yes you can use Crest white strips and whitening toothpaste at home. However, realize that you will not achieve the results of a professional whitening.