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Is numbness normal after wisdom teeth removal?

I am a 24 year old male. After a tooth removal my teeth feel very numb. Is numbness normal after wisdom teeth removal?

5 Answers

Only for the first day. If you are having numbness that is persisting beyond that, it could be a sign of nerve injury or damage and should be evaluated.

Numbness after wisdom tooth removal is not "normal," however, it is a known risk of surgery and it is something your surgeon should have discussed with you prior to your procedure. When prolonged numbness does occur, it is almost always temporary but may last anywhere from a few weeks to several months. You should inform your surgeon and have a follow up
examination to objectively "measure" and map out the numbness. This should be checked again after 2-3 weeks to determine if the numbness is improving and whether or not additional steps need to be taken.

Dr. Spiro Karras
Numbness isn’t normal, but a possibility. Reports say that numbness when it occurs, typically lasts less than a year. You should call your surgeon and make him aware of your situation. 

Numbness may be a risk from extraction of a lower wisdom tooth, follow-up with your dentist/ oral surgeon.
Numbness after a wisdom tooth extraction is not uncommon and should resolve in time all by itself.

Dr. Sassack