Ear-Nose and Throat Doctor (ENT) Questions Sinusitis

Is sinusitis a lifelong problem?

I have been suffering from sinusitis on and off for the last 3 years. I have tried allopathic and ayurvedic treatment for this problem but it doesn’t get resolved. Will I have to live with this problem for the rest of my life?

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To very difficult quotient answer with little information. However, I would recommend that you see an otolaryngologist who can accurately diagnose whether what your suffering from is indeed sinusitis. Many patients are misled by over-the-counter advertising to believe they have sinusitis when indeed they may have something else entirely different.

Assuming you do have sinusitis, there are many different categories of sinusitis and the approach and treatment for each of these differs.

A well-trained otolaryngologist will be able to make this differentiation and aid in your recovery.
Sinusitis comes from swelling in the lining of the sinus out-flow tracts. The lining swells from allergies, infection, irritants in the air. Treating these with saline nasal washes, saline-steroid nasal washes, antihistamine-steroid sprays control most patients. If this is not helping enough, a CT scan can be done to see if surgery may be of benefit.
Hi - that is a pretty broad question, so the short answer is maybe. Usually someone with recurrent sinus infections (for example, quarterly per year or with season transitions like fall to winter), or with other airway issues like asthma or allergies, that person is likely going to have long term issues with their sinuses. In those cases, the problem may be a combination of physical factor (deviated septum not letting enough air through, narrow drainage channels from the sinuses to the nasal passages, or even obstructive tissues like nasal polyps) and / or lining related problem like allergies or reactive airway tissues. The physical aspect often needs surgical intervention while lining related issues respond better to topical or systemic treatment.

Often people can get relief if they use treatment on a more proactive basis (whether it is avoidance, smoking cessation or topical therapy), rather than waiting until you are sick.

Hope that helps!
Absolutely not. You need to be properly examined to determine the cause or causes of recurrent sinusitis. Once those things are identified they can be readily treated with a combination of medicines and potentially surgery.
More likely if allergy is the causation. Chronic rhinosinusitis can be a lifelong problem. No smoking, limit alcohol, treat allergies, get HEPA filter, protect nose from particulate matter, avoid those with colds. Once established, may need endoscopic surgery. See ENT and have CT scan, if indicated.