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Is slipping of a rib common with age?

My mother is 72 years old and has recently had a fall with which her rib slipped. Is it common problem with age? Given her age what is the treatment you would suggest for her condition.

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'Rib subluxations' are common. A 'slipped rib' is out of place and needs to be put back in place by a trained chiropractic doctor. Even at your present age, specific scientific chiropractic adjustment would put that rib back in place, and then you will feel so much better. In addition, neuro-muscular re-education treatments with 'electro-acuscope' at our offices would reduce pain and swelling and afford stabilizing the rib head that was injured and out of place.
It depends on what you mean by "rib slipping." After any kind of trauma, an x-ray would be required to see what exactly is going on. A dislocation (medical subluxation) of a rib is different that a luxation or (chiropractic subluxation). A dislocated rib may require splinting or surgery. A chiropractic rib subluxation can be helped with a chiropractic adjustment. As far as age, a rib subluxation is not dependent upon age and can happen at any age.
Schedule time with her primary provider for further evaluation.
Hello! There are many articles on PUBmed regarding rib slipping and painful rib syndrome and all of them state that this can occur at any age. One article's abstract states that posture was a probable cause and once the posture was addressed, the symptoms were resolved. Another link states that it is an overlooked issue from persistent abdominal and chest pain. I have included the links to these articles below.

Now to answer your question, it is my medical opinion that your mom first follow up with her PCP to clear her of the possibility of any underlying conditions and once she has been cleared by the PCP, I advise that she does see a Chiropractor. The Chiropractor will evaluate her medical history and put together a plan that will help restore function. Most Chiropractors work with M.D.’s, Orthoepedic surgeons, and Neurologists. They choose to collaborate because of how beneficial it is to ensure that your patient no matter their past social and medical history can be seen properly.

How Chiropractors restore function is with Chiropractic adjustments, manual therapy, proprioception and mobility therapy. Which is what I would do. Restoring function and mobility is exactly what is needed for the body to heal no matter what age. Now due to her age and past medical history, it may take longer for her body to respond.

The links from PUBmed are listed below. Hope this helps! God Bless!
Hey person at any age can have a rib out which can be very painful and make taking a deep breath difficult and painful as well. Simply saying and older person is more common to have a rib issue is not accurate. There are many variables that would affect his bone density, general health and activity level are some of them.

I would find a well respected chiropractor in your area and have it checked out.
Rib subluxation can be a very large problem among any age group. A lot depends on if she has osteoporosis. If so the shrinking of spine will cause changes on her rib cage. This can be determined by an x-ray. If severe she should have a bone density test done to determine the severity of her condition. It she does not have this Chiropractic would be the avenue to go
Yes, this is a common problem. Ribs should be adjusted by a chiropractor trained in extremity adjusting. Depending on the extent of her fall she may do well with a low force instrument technique such as activator.
I do not prefer the term "slipped" because it is not anatomically accurate. It is better to discuss the restrictions within the rib articulation. If she is having instability and poor mobility, it would be very helpful to have an evaluation to determine what treatment interventions based on her medical history are appropriate. If there is diminished bone density, there are safe instrument assisted techniques that could help significantly.
Very gentle manipulation of the rib and vertebral segment back to its normal anatomical position. This will remove nerve and soft tissue pain.
This is not common with age, however given she had a fall, it could happen. She could seek chiropractic care once any break or fracture was ruled out. Your chiropractor could rule that out as well by X-ray.
It’s common at any age. Chiropractic can handle most cases.
Slipping or misalignment of ribs with my elderly patients is common. Its correction is usually associated with the vertebra to which it is attached. A specific and gentile chiropractic adjustment is very effect in remedying this issue.
It could appear in any age, needs professional adjustment.
Women who have had multiple children are more prone to "slip rib syndromes." The cartilage around the end of the anterior portion of the rib rib can become lax with the pressures and postural changes of pregnancy. Then later on when these women try to exercise they experience rib pain, or when they age and have a fall the "rib slips out." As long as she does not have a pacemaker or indwelling medical device I would recommend physiotherapy this can be delivered by a chiropractor or physical therapist.
This is the typical presentation for a condition is called, "Slipping Rib Syndrome". It commonly affect females in their 80's. It's actually a rare condition, however, when it occurs, it typically presents with intermittent, sharp, stabbing type of pain in the upper abdomen and at times at the upper back region. The patient will feel an actual click or pop. And usually, the patient will state that any increase in intra-abdominal pressure will cause the rib/s to subluxate.

The treatment of this condition for an older age female would be to adjust the rib that has been subluxated. For the pain, I would recommend a mild Non-steroidal anti inflammatory, such as Ibuprofen However, due to it's chronic effect on the liver, it must be taken cautiously. Then, for stability, I would recommend wearing some type of corset or brassiere to prevent further subluxations of the rib.
Ribs slipping out is not just an older persons problem. Take your mother to a Chiropractor to have the rib put back in.
More likely be the vertebrae. Depending on symptoms if it’s a rib?
Ribs can move out of place during a fall and can make it very painful to breathe. Adjusting them back into place using Activator Method Chiropractic technique is my suggestion.
Do you live in the Rockford area?
A chiropractor may be able to help. An X-ray is needed to rule out anything before she is treated.