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Is there an age limit for braces?

I am a 42 year old female who is considering braces. Is there an age limit for braces?

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There isn't a specific age limit for braces, you just want good periodontal health and an overall treatment goal before considering braces.
No, there is no age limits. Orthodontic treatment is a great treatment consideration which helps resolve crowding, improve your ability to clean your teeth better, and prevent traumatic bite forces in the mouth which can lead to other dental problems and tooth loss
There is no age limit for braces. There are more adults receiving orthodontic treatment now than ever before! The success of clear aligner therapy such as Invisalign has made adult ortho treatment much more available and adults love it!
There is no age limit!!!
No, there is no age limit to braces.
Congratulations on considering braces at 42, no sense waiting until you are 72. Healthy teeth can be improved at any age if it is important to you and there will be benefit to your oral health both aesthetically and functionally.
No, you are never too old for a great smille.
Absolutely no age limit. As long as your teeth and gums are healthy your teeth can be moved.
Hello, no there are no age limits to braces. You can achieve a beautiful, straight smile at any age.
There is not an age limit for braces or other types of orthodontic treatment.

Daniel A. Flores, DDS, MS

There is no age limit for braces! Please consult with an orthodontist to determine if you are a good fit for braces.

Thank you for your question.