Chiropractor Questions Hip Pain

Is there something wrong with my hip joint?

I feel pain in my thigh, but it feels like it's from my hip joint and that this joint feels out of place. This feeling started after a car accident last month. Is there anything that can be done?

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Yes. There is something wrong with your hip if you feel pain. Although the pain in your hip may be caused by another source, regardless yes...there is something wrong. Pain is the way our body tells us that wrong. Being involved in a crash that creates pain, I highly recommend seeing your chiropractor, PCP, Urgent Care, etc., right away. Acute traumas can cause permanent and significant impairment, the sooner it is diagnosed and treat, the better the prognosis.
Quite a good question. I treated someone today like many other days with this condition. The foundation of your back is supported by you pelvis and the platform of your sacrum. Upon this the lowest lumbar vertebrae rests. These two mechanisms are medically referenced as the sacroiliac and the lumbosacral areas of the the spine. They are mechanisms because they move or should move and should be balanced in their movement like other areas of the back as well. The spinal nerves between the the lumbar vertebrae and the sacrum is usually the L5 nerve root, one on each side of the last vertebrae. Shy of a severe disc herniation, the L5 nerve roots can really be disturbed by a sacraliliac joint that is not moving or a lumbosacral area that is pressured or stuck. These areas are naturally designed to be mobile and be able to move as a person moves around. If they are not doing well, a good chiropractor can check them and get them moving like they need to be. Why? The L5 nerves go down to the hips at one of their many pit stops on the way. In the beginning, it aches in the hip, then later it goes further down the leg. So the hip is usually a milder condition, the longer the L5 nerve is disturbed, it will keep traveling down along its course of pit stops to talk to the leg as it worsens. A chiropractor is a practical doctor to go to start an examination and figuring what can be done for the condition.
Hopefully you had an X-ray post-crash to rule out any fractures. It sounds like you could have some muscle or ligament strains/sprains. It is also likely you have several spinal/hip joints misaligned and that require correction. See a chiropractor and get X-rays to evaluate the alignment of these areas!

There is possibly a problem in the hip where your leg attaches to your hip. It may also be a problem at your sacro-iliac joint in your lower back. Both could easily be caused by the accident you mentioned. Chiropractic care does very well with both of these problems. Hopefully you can find a chiropractor that adjusts extremities (the joints in the arms and legs).
I hope this was helpful.

Dr. John G. Vilkelis


Sorry about your accident, but many times people will think that they are OK after a car accident, when actually they have injuries that may not show up for a while. Sometimes people brace with their legs, perhaps braking, and the impact goes up the legs into the hip. There can be injuries to neck and back also. You need to be checked by a good chiropractor as soon
as possible and they should be able to help with your hip problem.

Best of Health,

Dr. Steven Moon

It could be a restricted hip joint, but it could also be anything from a quad strain to hip flexor strain. Have it evaluated by a sports chiropractor and they can determine the source for you and adjust accordingly.
Anytime you are experiencing symptoms after a MVC (Motor Vehicle Collision) it is important to get the appropriate examination and diagnostic imaging to rule out any displacements, fractures, or injuries that would require immediate medical attention. Once that is cleared, pain into the thigh can be correlated with changes to both the structure and/or function of the hip joint. There are plenty of muscles that cover both the thigh and hip that can associate pain as well. I recommend scheduling an appointment with a healthcare provider to evaluate your current condition/symptoms to see if any diagnostic imaging is warranted.
Yes. I would seek chiropractic care for this. The majority of injuries incurred from auto accidents involves muscles, ligaments and joints caused by G forces applied to the body upon impact disrupting normal biomechanical functions. Chiropractors are experts with this type of injury. Also, the longer you wait to get the correct treatment the worse the condition may become.
Possibly there is something wrong with your hip but we have to evaluate your hip and also your lower back. A disc bulge or sacroiliac problem can also produce these symptoms. Therefore further evaluation is needed
Thank you
Dr. John Winn
Have an X-ray performed.
Despite the mechanism of injury...4 weeks post injury with continued pain symptoms indicates to me....there is a problem. The source of your pain at this point is what needs to be determined. As a Board Certified Chiropractic Physician with nearly 25 years of experience I have evaluated and treated many patients with similar complaints. The first step is a thorough examination of your hip, thigh, pelvis, and lower spinal region. Orthopedic and neurological tests are often done as well as a functional movement assessment. Often your examination will pin point the source of your pain; however, further testing such x-rays or possibly an MRI would be prudent based on your exam findings. Once a diagnosis of your condition is determined a course of treatment to address your pain can then be recommended. Most non-surgical musculoskeletal complaints can be treated safely in a Chiropractic setting; however, if your condition requires another provider we often make the referral directly. I hope this info proves to be helpful and you get the care you need. Dr. C
Yes, a car accident can wreak havoc on our bodies, even months or years after the event. I recommend consulting a Chiropractor for an assessment.
Yes there is a lot that can be done. You need to have a complete exam and a set of x-rays performed.