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Is this an allergy?

Itchy in thighs and arms throughout the night. Have consulted doctor and he prescribed me some medicines and injections but same thing happen again after completing course for 10 days. Is this an allergy?

Male | 23 years old

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Sounds like hives, which doesn't have to be allergy but oftentimes is. Take a picture and send it to your doctor or better yet, schedule an appointment for doctor to examine the rash.
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It is hard to determine if it is an allergy based off of the history. If there is a common denominator in the form of a trigger within (4) hours of the the itchiness then it is possible. The best was to evaluate for an allergy in this case is to compose a diary of all internal/external exposures at least (4) hrs prior to the itchy episodes and then look for any "common denominators". If it is a food then you could test.
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Please see your local primary provider to discuss whether or not you need to be seen by or referred to a specialist/sub-specialist. Surprisingly, skin conditions that appear to be allergies are actually rarely allergies. This may or may not be your case. A dermatologist might be your best option, or may not be. Your primary provider can help you determine this.
Thank you for your question.
From your question, it sounds like you are having hives. However, hives are not always related to allergies, and there are myriad of other health issues causing hives which are unrelated to allergies, usually determined through blood tests. There are still a number of hives-related cases in which a cause may not be determined.
I would personally doubt that this is a “classic” allergy. “Classic allergy" is the type of allergy generally evaluated by searching for specific IgE antibody directed at something in particular. I would suspect that a “typical” immune response has occurred that is accidentally activating the “allergy cells" that produce histamine. It is unlikely that an allergy testing “fishing expedition” will result in any meaningful results. This may require a general medical work up of it persists for over 6-8 weeks. Be wary of anyone recommending allergy testing when there is no history that can be correlated with the results of such tests!
I am sorry to hear you are struggling with this and it is disrupting your sleep. it is impossible to tell if there is an allergic trigger without proper and detailed history, exam of the skin and allergy testing. Since you are not getting better, I suggest having a formal allergy evaluation. 


Monika Korff, MD