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How can I treat my leg pain that occurs when I walk?

I have severe pain in my legs and this pain gets severe when I walk. What can I do to treat this pain?

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That depends on the cause of the pain. You need to have it evaluated by a health care professional, including a chiropractor and possibly a cardiologist, as this could be a sign of cardiovascular problems. Make sure your doctor takes a detailed history and performs a thorough examination including imaging and blood work.
You can meet with a chiropractor to determine the root cause of your leg pain. It could very well be a compressed nerve in your lower back.
I would suggest seeing a chiropractor and let them examin your spine and legs.
Need to do an exam on what the cause of the pain is. If it's from the lower back due to a pinched nerve, then adjustments will help.
You will need an evaluation to rule out vascular and the neurological components.
Your leg pain could be caused by one of a few different reasons. If you are diabetic, it could be related to your circulation. If you have not exercised in a while, it could be that you are getting a lactic acid production, causing your pain. If you have joint misalignments, there could be pressure one one or more of the lumbar nerves, leading to what is known as Sciatica.
Be sure that you are staying hydrated, and be sure to stretch before and after walking.
If your pains persist, seek Chiropractic care first, drugs second, and surgery as a last resort!
Have it examined to find the cause first!
Find a chiropractor that does X-rays and get there ASAP. If they cannot find a solution, they should be able to refer you to someone who can!

That depends on where in the leg the pain is. The first step is to make sure this pain is not related to circulation or secondary to diabetes. Consult your doctor.
The cause of the leg pain needs to be accurately diagnosed. Leg pain can come from vascular issues such as blood clots or varicosities, neurological issues such as sciatica or neurologic claudication from stenosis in the spine or even muscular issues. Start by stretching your legs, increasing your water intake if you don't drink at least 4 glasses per day and try to get more potassium and vitamin B6 into your diet. More importantly, you should see a physician to get an accurate diagnosis of the cause of your symptoms.

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Dr. Eric Miller
This could be a sign of spinal stenosis which means narrowing of the spinal canal and the nerves from the spine that go down the legs. That needs evaluation and treatment. You can do home knee to chest exercises that relives the leg pain hopefully. Visit a chiropractor for evaluation.

Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP
Well -- you need to determine if your leg pain is coming from the nerves or from the arterial system. Irritating the sciatic nerve can cause leg pain, but also not enough blood flow into the legs could also be a problem...there are ways to test for both. Talk to your PCP.