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Why is my little one not running around like other kids?

My daughter is 3 years old and I don’t see her running around and being as active as other kids of her age. What could be the reason for this? She usually just sits inside mostly, and either watches TV or reads.

4 Answers

Does she seem tired or just bored? Try to do activities with her that involve physical activity. If she has excessive screen time at this age, it can lead to obesity. If she is tired or short of breath, she may need a physical.
That's her personality. Let her be who she wants to be. As long as she gets some physical activity she will be fine.
The history is too incomplete and without a physical examination, it is difficult to give an accurate answer. However, she may need a developmental assessment to find out precisely why this is happening.
Thank you very much for the question, as it is very important and a vital part in her growth and her physical and mental development. It is important to know about the family history, pregnancy, birth injuries, and to know her milestones of development since birth. This problem has to be taken care of by her pediatrician as early intervention can have better a prognosis. She has to be evaluated for physical deformities, autism, and any neurological and social problems.

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