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How long will I have to be on medication to avoid my withdrawal symptoms?

I was addicted to drugs and I took up rehabilitation. I am feeling great, however I am still on medication to fight withdrawal symptoms. How long will I have to be on medication for this? How will I know when I'm better?

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Without seeing you and knowing the particulars of your situation, it is difficult to give an answer. Having said that, there are some general rules. Most of the time you will be on any medication depends on quickly you identify your triggers and put up roadblocks so you don't end up relapsing. A good counselor can help you with that. Remember, addiction isn't just a physical disease. It also has a mental component. Most addicts used drugs as coping mechanisms to deal with life. For example, did you use more when you were stressed? Then you need some good stress coping techniques. How about when you were angry? Then you need anger management. When all your triggers have been identified and dealt with, that's when your doctor will consider tapering you down. If he or she tries before that, you would have a high chance of relapsing. Good luck to you!