Psychiatrist Questions Depression

I feel negative most of the time. Is it a sign to be worried about?

When I see people being happy around, I realize I am not one of them. I am sad most of the times and for everything in life I generally have a very negative approach. Is it something to be worried about?

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Sure. You shouldn't be an unhappy person and suffer. Make an appointment with a therapist and, if necessary, with a psychiatrist. Try to build social connections, sleep enough, eat healthily, and exercise.
Not being able to enjoy usual life pleasures is called anhedonia. It is a sign of clinical depression and is highly treatable. You need to to see a psychiatrist or someone who can prescribe medication for depression if necessary. Life is to be enjoyed!

Jan Fawcett, MD
If you have always been this way, then it's probably your personality. If it bothers you, you can seek help for therapy
There is not enough information to give you an answer. Important issues like age, sex, family history, general health, habits, length of time negativity has been present have to be considered. Once again, a visit to your LMD is a logical place to begin. A visit to a mental health specialist can also be a place to begin.
It is something to be concerned about. Worry is more of the same. Talk with a psychiatrist to see if you have depression. It also can be addressed with cognitive behavioral therapy, a book called "The Happiness Trap," and exercise.
Yes, those are not normal thoughts. Should go through proper evaluation.
In my opinion, yes it is a worrisome sign and I would recommend that you be evaluated by a psychiatrist to check if you are developing some kind of mental health problem.
You may be experiencing clinical depression if you are feeling sad most of the times and have negative thoughts. I recommend further evaluation via your primary care or a mental health provider immediately.
You need to change your attitude, improve your interactions with others and get rid of you social anxiety. Positive approach helps you to be happy with people around you, watch TV, read some thing and interact with people so that you need not think, what you are thinking and to change the attitude.
What I see in the question is a negative spiral. The question is: "Should I be worried about feeling negative?" Awareness without judgment is deeply healing. If a person can notice that they are feeling negative without reacting to that thought with another negative thought they will start to feel less negative. In terms of "worry" this is not a sign that a person has a major mental illness. Learning meditation or cognitive behavioral therapy will help tame the mind.