Dermatologist Questions Dry skin

My legs are dry and itchy. What could this be?

I am having extreme dryness and itching all over my legs. The rest of my body seems fine and this is only around my legs, particularly my ankles. What could be the cause for this dryness? And, how can I treat it?

3 Answers

Need to use a moisturizer like Cerave on wet skin, then dry it. Can use cortisone 10 cream OTC. If persists, need to see a dermatologist.
You need to consult a good dermatologist in your area. Home remedies etc, usually do not work.
Besides bathing too often, there are conditions that can lead to darkening in these areas. Since there may or may not be complicating issues, it is worthwhile to have a dermatologist evaluate the changes, and do any testing found to be appropriate.