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My permanent retainer is causing irritation?

My teeth and gums are itchy and hurt. Also, I am getting headaches and my teeth click when I smile. Should I be concerned?

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I would see your orthodontist.
You should call your dentist. Have you been wearing your RETAINER(S)? Are you cleaning your RETAINERS? Are you flossing and brushing correctly daily? Braces place your teeth in the proper position. Wearing your RETAINER(S) keeps your teeth in the proper position until your bone surrounding your teeth becomes more dense. If you were given instructions to correct your special habit, habits are hard to correct. Let your dentist see what has been happening.
Your dentist should adjust your bite. Orthodontics moves teeth to positions which usually do not have all forces in balance. The muscles then try to move the teeth to positions of balanced forces. As the final step of orthodontics the teeth should be adjusted to eliminate as many contacts as possible which interfere with ideal force distribution. Bottom line: ask your dentist to adjust your bite.

Neal Nealis, DDS
Visit the dentist who made your retainer for an evaluation.

I would see a general dentist for a consultation.
The retainer is probably prohibiting you from cleaning effectively and you may be beginning to have TMJ issues and may need to sleep in a night guard.