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I am not very happy with my new dentures. Can they be modified?

I recently got a new set of dentures but they are extremely uncomfortable I am not very happy with them. Can the dentist make slight modifications for them?

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Slight modifications can be made to dentures. Often times when you get a new set of dentures, there are areas of acrylic that are pressing hard in a spot that is not used to the pressure due to changes in bite and changes in acrylic. These small areas, although incredibly painful, are easy to fix through small adjustments. I would visit your dental professional for appropriate diagnosis and adjustments as needed.
Sometimes several adjustment appointments are needed. Do not get discouraged. It is a process, however, you usually can reach an desired result.
Dentures are rarely perfect on the first day you take them home. They typically need some adjustment when you first get them. See your dentist to make these adjustments.
Sure they can do that. Adjustments are not uncommon with dentures.
Accommodating prosthetic devices intraorally is a difficulty that is best handled by a specialist called a prosthodontist who is additionally trained by an extra two year residency in the fabrication diagnosis and placement of restorative materials that are meant to take the place of natural teeth. Then and only then will you get the satisfaction of knowing that the best person available gave you the best explanation 4 your particular problem
Dentures can be tricky to fabricate and making them is far more difficult than what some dentists think. If they are uncomfortable, they can be adjusted. There are either pressure points in the plastic that press too hard causing ulcers. Those are easy to fix. Also there might be a high spot in the teeth that interferes with proper function. This can be adjusted but is more difficult to identify. Either way a licensed dentist should be able to handle it.