Anesthesiologist Questions Numbness

Why do I have numbness in my face after an anesthesia?

I got my wisdom teeth taken out, and I was given anesthesia. I still have numbness in my face after 2 days. What could be wrong? Or is this normal?

10 Answers

Probably nerve damage from surgery
Some of the roots of teeth are very close to some of the facial nerves. Follow up with your dentist.
This is not abnormal, but it is likely not from anesthetics, but from the procedure itself. Notify your dentist if it persists.
When you have your wisdom teeth removed, the dentist or oral surgeon will usually inject freezing so you don't have pain when you wake up. Occasionally, the nerve gets bruised (the medical term is neuropraxia), giving prolonged numbness. It is unlikely that it is related to the anesthesia.
The residual numbness is most likely due to the temporary disruption of the nerves from the surgery, not the anesthesia. Some of the nerves are pressed on by the surgical instruments and may get a bit boggy. Should be temporary
Ask the surgeon
If I remember correctly, the numbness is probably related to the extraction of the wisdom tooth itself and is not unusual. Allow me to suggest having a discussion with your dentist/oral surgeon concerning your postop complication.
If it's around your lips, would be from a local anesthetic injection that could last a couple days or weeks. The wisdom teeth extraction may have caused nerve injury also, which may last a while. Only thing to do is wait and see what happens.
It's possible that the duration of the local anesthetic can last longer than 12 to 18 hrs. Sometimes when the medicine is very close to the nerve there can be prolonged anesthetic effect. If the numbness does not improve slowly within 24 to 36 hrs, then you should reach out to your dentist because there might be some nerve damage or nerve compromise occurring (very rare though).

Nikesh Seth, MD
It’s possible that the dentist injected numbing medicine called local anesthesia.

Dr Ketch