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I have osteoporosis and a spine fracture. How long will it take for me to be fully cured?

I am suffering from osteoporosis and recently have been diagnosed with a L3 spinal fracture. What will be my ideal recovery period? My treatment for the condition has been going well but what is the usual recovery period for the same?

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12 weeks for the bone to heal, then 1-2 mths to strengthen your back muscles.
The healing time is at least 3 months. You will need immobilization of the spine. You will also need treatment for the osteoporosis due to continued high risk of fracture.
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Typically 10-12 wks for full healing.
It usually takes 6 weeks for the pain to settle, but maybe a little longer to get back to normal. You should also see your doctor about measuring your bone quality with a DEXA scan.
Osteoporotic fractures happen in relation to the weakening of the bone. When the bones lose their calciium and their ability to maintain the weight they are supposed to support, fractures will happen with even small accidents.
That being said, the bones themselves are the problem, so they may take quite a while to heal. In general we expect vertebral fractures to heal on their own over 3 months. The pain should gradually improve, walking tolerance should gradually improve and transitioning from sitting to standing should gradually improve. In most cases, the patient will be able to tolerate the fracture pain adequately enough to perform the basic activities of daily living.
When patients are severely limited in their ability to be upright, it would be suggested to proceed with a procedure to stabilize the bone with cement. The cement acts as an internal splint or cast that gives the bone support while it heals. This support will allow the patient to move more freely and less painfully within a few days of the procedure.
6 to 12 weeks to be mostly cured. And you will likely have some chronic pain or stiffness.
There is no cure for osteoporosis or spinal fractures. It is very common for a spinal fracture to lead to more spinal fractures. You will want to treat the osteoporosis with guidance from your physician.