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Ovulation pain

Why do I sometimes have pretty extreme discomfort during ovulation?

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Most likely, your pain during ovulation is related to the physical processes related to ovulation. When a woman ovulates, it is the process of releasing a mature egg from the surface of the ovary into the abdominal space at which time the fallopian tubes detect it and then pick it up. In releasing a mature egg, the ovary will "rupture" the tissue which contains the mature egg. This "rupture" will cause some bleeding. Blood within the abdominal space will always cause pain, thus having pain with ovulation. There is a formal word for this process: Mittelschmerz.
This occurrence varies from woman to woman and may be just typical of your individual experience. If your GYN check up is normal, there is nothing to do about it except for a light pain medication your doctor can prescribe.
Ovulation means your ovary is producing a follicle which is released from your ovary and sometimes bleeds or forms a cyst which cause some pain within the ovarian capsule

Ovulation can happen from either one of the ovaries. The usual thought process is that it alternates each month. For ovulation to occur there are first many follicles that grow in the ovary and only one gets the size large enough to release an egg, so if this follicle is deeper and there is extra tissue to rupture through to release an egg, it might hurt a little more. This is again just a theory; we really still don’t know why some women feel pain and some don’t.
Hard to say, but some patients do have quite a bit of discomfort with ovulation. Generally does not imply a problem, but if progressing then make sure to discuss with your healthcare provider to make sure not concerning for endometriosis and to make sure that is what the symptoms are from as best they can tell. If need be, could take a course of at least medium strength birth control pills to suppress ovulation and make sure the pain is better and if not, then that should be investigated further. That's it in a nutshell, but feel free to discuss with your healthcare provider. Good Luck!
It's called mitellschmertz which is experienced by about 10% of women midcycle. Nothing to be considered. It is simply the release of a egg that hasn't been yet fertilized.
You may be suffering from pelvic adhesionsor endometriosis
The capsule around the egg can stretch and "pop". Some people feel pain during ovulation that will improve on its own.
The pain during ovulation is different for everyone, and some people have no pain at all. It is usually do to the enlarging follicle and or the bleeding that can occur. Usually taking pain medication around that time can decrease the symptoms.
It can be multiple reasons, either it is regular pain during cycle which is because you ovulate or it can be any other reason like endometriosis or adenomyosis or fibroids, I will suggest you to see your ob-gyn so she evaluate you.
Rupture of follicle or bleeding.