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Why do I have pain in my groin area during certain movements?

I have a tingling pain in my groin area when I make certain movements. I showed it to a GP who said it could be a muscle pull. But it's lasted for over 3 weeks now. Should I show an orthopedist?

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Most likely you pulled a muscle. The first treatment would be rest ice followed by warm compresses. Ultrasound may assist. Gentle stretching and strengthening of the muscle would be next it might need to be injected. A good choice for injection would be alpha to macroglobulin
Yes if the pain is not resolving and your family physician does not have answers then I would consult an orthopedic physician, a physiatrist, or a physical therapist.
Pain in the groin can be from multiple causes. A muscle strain is quite common. Hip arthritis and abdominal/GYN conditions can also be present. I would see your family physician to begin the process.
Yes. While an adductor strain could take 6 weeks to heal when not repetitively injured, this could also be a hernia, athletics pubalgia syndrome, or nerve entrapment. Best to have it checked out.
Yes you should since hip joint disease might be present
See a urologist or gynecologist first; or even a pain management specialist.
Yes. Could be an injury or early arthritis. Get X-rays, too.
Yes, you should see an Orthopedist especially if the symptoms are getting worse. Your symptoms could be any of a list of 15 things. Everything from an acetabular labral tear to a hernia to a pinched nerve in your back. An Orthopedist can try to figure which one it is.

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If the pain doesn't go away, you should see a physician for further evaluation.