Urologist Questions Urinary Tract Infections

Itching and burning while passing urine continues after antibiotics. What could be the reason?

Last week I had sex with my girlfriend, after which I have been observing severe itching and a burning sensation while passing urine. I consulted a urologist who recommended a 10 day antibiotic course of Microdox LBX 100 mg. The course is over, yet my itching and burning while urinating continues. Could this happen even after antibiotics? Should I go back to the doctor?

3 Answers

Yes you should check with your doctor, and all appropriate tests to rule out STDs, as well as a urine culture. Make sure you follow up with your doctor regarding the results in any further therapy that might be needed. It is always wise to check the prostate to make sure there is no inflammation or prostatitis.
Yes. See your doctor again for further evaluation.
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Yes, I would definitely go back to the urologist and have him do another exam.

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Lauren Eisenberg, DO