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Why are my platelets dropping after chemotherapy?

I am suffering from blood cancer. I am undergoing chemotherapy and my platelet count is dropping. Is this the result of my cancer or the chemo?

4 Answers

That could be related to both
Blood cancer (leukemia) can compromise normal bone marrow function by displacement of platelet-producing progenitor cells from the bone marrow.
However, chemotherapy itself can also be toxic to platelet-producing progenitor cells and cause a drop in the platelet count.
It is highly likely that both the leukemia and its treatment are contributing to the low platelet count.
However, as the leukemia responds to the treatment and the body recovers from the side effects of the treatment, the low platelet count should begin to improve.
Platelet counts often go down after chemotherapy. They should not go down enough to cause you any problems. Unless your platelet counts were down before chemotherapy, this is from the chemotherapy.
It depends upon the diagnosis and nature of chemotherapy, which may suppress bone marrow, affecting white cells, red cells, and platelets. Also, knowing about the platelet count before the start of chemotherapy, etc.