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I feel my posture has bent after delivery. What can I do?

It has now been 8 months since I delivered my first child and I feel that my posture has changed. I slouch and can feel an arch in my spine. When I force myself to stand/sit up straight it hurts. What can I do to correct my posture?

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Look on Youtube for some posture videos that can help restore posture.
An option to have is to see a local chiropractor and have an postural examination. That will include several aspects, possibly including X-rays. There in no reason to have pain, there may be a solution. I recommend to call your chiropractor or local physician for help.
Spinal assessment will help address the condition.
There are many things that can help posture including chiropractic, strengthening exercises, and stretches. In my office, I incorporate massage along with other gentle modalities to help with posture.
Yoga - Strengthen your core - Massage and Chiropractic
First have an expert in posture, like a Chiropractor examine you, then decide on a course of treatment or exercise
Isometric core exercises are the best. Also, look up foam roller exercises for thoracic spine and core it shows easy ways to strengthen your core.
Being a chiropractor, I try to see my female patients soon after giving birth. It varies from days to weeks when they seem to get in. Chiropractic adjustments do very well initially after delivery. The body responds quite well. At 8 months, I would advise getting in and seeing your chiropractor or finding one that could help. It might take a bit longer, but I have had very good results in a short time after.
It takes a conscious effort 24/7, 365 to work on posture. I advise a chiropractic consultation to assess your current posture. The doctor will also be able to make recommendations for you on how to improve it. 


Dr. Joel D. Duchon
Your body has underwent a lot of changes with childbirth and one of the issues is your muscles are weaker following childbirth. You need to strengthen your lumbar and abdominal muscles which will correct your posture in time. You can also get a lumbar support pillow for your chair to help you with your posture.

Derrick Stenson, D.C.

Sorry for the late reply. Childbirth can definitely change a lot of things, including your posture. Pelvic misalignment and poor biomechanics of the pelvis can result from childbirth and can cause your body to compensate with tight muscles and changes in postural curves. That may be why you feel like your posture has bent. Focus on getting back to core exercises like yoga and Pilates as well as some light weight training to strengthen your spine and core muscles. Start lightly with everything and focus on form and flexibility first to get your body accustomed to movement. Then you can gradually add more and more. Look up postural retraining exercises.
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If there is pain when you extend, you may have to see a chiropractor to align your spine before you begin posture exercises. If you go directly to new exercise or stretches without a balanced spine, you will feel discomfort strengthening and stretching muscles and ligaments out of alignment. When you do so, ask them to show you doorway posture exercises/stretches or corner stretches to strengthen between shoulder blades and stretch the chest and anterior shoulder muscles at same time. Hope I

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Dr. Todd Gewant
The added stress of your pregnancy could have caused or exacerbated spinal issues. It isn’t normal not to be able to sit up straight without pain. I would recommend you get evaluated by a chiropractor to determine the cause for your pain and then you will know how to fix it!! Stretching is always good, but that won’t correct spinal misalignments. Good luck to you!


Lynnette Hendrickson, D.C., CACCP
Pilates based rehab would be ideal.
Obviously, an in-depth exam is required to diagnose the problem. Based on your description, it sounds like you may have a subluxation (misalignment of the vertebrae). Chiropractic adjustments correct subluxations. Again, I do not know if this is your problem until an exam is conducted. If you are local to the San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles, CA) area, feel free to contact my office and schedule a no-charge evaluation. If you are not local to my office, I encourage you to seek a local chiropractor for a no-charge evaluation. I also suggest finding a Dr. who performs manual adjustments. Best of luck.


Dr. Brian Pazera
You may not be able to correct your posture on your own. You find yourself slouching and when you do and try to align your body in good posture, it hurts. So, as soon as you quit actively forcing yourself to better posture, you go back to the slouch. Your body doesn't want you to feel pain, so you have acquired this new slouch position to take stress off some area.
Since it has occurred after delivery, it may well be due to some musculoskeletal changes associated with your pregnancy and/or delivery. The best time to have had this checked and probably corrected easily would have been in the first 30 days postpartum for several reasons. At this time, however, my first suggestion would be to see a chiropractor who works with and treats pregnant females, as they should know the most likely underlying causes for your problem. X-rays to check for abnormal curve formation would be appropriate along with a thorough musculoskeletal examination. They should be able to explain your problem, recommend a corrective program including exercises, and get you back to a "normal" posture.
If some pathology is detected, they may refer you for a medical evaluation. However, my 38 years of experience tells me that, till proven otherwise, chiropractic treatment would be the best for you.
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The abdominal muscles have been stretched and are therefore likely weak. A comprehensive physical conditioning program should include walking, light running, treadmill, elliptical, and weights.

A spinal exam from a licensed chiropractor should identify what is pulling you forward. You didn't mention if you had a C-section, but even if you didn't, those muscles are weak and will need some activity to restore the spinal integrity.
Yoga helps, but a chiropractor will be able to help correct your posture.
If your primary concern is postural rehabilitation, I would seek out a CBP Chiropractor.

Google that and see what you find!

Because of the increased weight during pregnancy the contours of the spine have changed. The muscles and ligaments of the spine have become accustomed to those changes creating vertebral fixations and decreased motion of the spinal joints. This lack of normal joint mobility is what causes the pain. Chiropractors are the experts at restoring normal joint motion. A chiropractor can also instruct you on specific stretching and strengthening exercises to aid in improving posture.
You should find a chiropractor near you and get evaluated. Sounds like you need an adjustment.