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My posture is getting a little slouched. What should I do?

I've been at the same desk job for a few years and I think it's affecting my posture. I try to keep myself straight but I eventually start slouching and then keep recorrecting myself. What should I do?

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Strengthen your back muscles and adjust your work station to fit your ergonomics. If that doesn’t help, see your chiropractor.
Get regular Chiropractic adjustments and do postural exercises daily.
Postural problems can be difficult, as the body conforms to what "feels best." But what feels best may not be the best. It may be a compensation for numerous subluxation complexes -- pinched nerves -- needing correction. A specific Gonstead spinal evaluation will show the problems associated with this need to slouch. Gonstead-specific adjustment correction will alter and change your posture for a lifetime!
First I would purchase an ergonomic office chair. They are designed to help a person maintain good posture. Don't buy cheap but you also don't have to pay top dollar. Also, I would see a chiropractor because sitting at a desk for several years has created some spinal distortion that needs to be addressed.
A lower back lumbar support could be something you could try. There are also different clothing materials you can wear under your normal clothes that can help with posture. Also, getting up regularly to take a quick walk is something you should be doing as well.
An easy place to start is to change out your chair to something without back support. That will start to force you to sit with better posture. Most people are unaware that they are slouching, so the fact that you are aware of it is great. Change out your chair and each time you notice your posture starting to worsen, straiten up.
Check out some ergonomic sites for proper desk positions
Posture is learned and the muscles need work. Perhaps PT. Also, get adjusted, as the spine may need aligning, causing the postural weakness.
Isometric core muscle exercises, reverse pec flies for the shoulder area, and other shoulder exercises.
A chiropractor will help with the immediate fixing of your bad posture, but the hard part, exercise and behavioral changes, needs to come from you. Avoiding activities that make you slouch would be one proactive change/recommendation that you could start immediately, i.e., not using your cell, laptop, sitting so much, etc.
Chiropractic manipulation can help the proper movement of your back. Then postural exercises and ergonomic advise should be recommend so your back could maintain proper posture throughout your day.
I would evaluate your workstation...I would make sure your computer monitor is eye level so you not looking up or down. Getting a lumbar support for your chair will help your posture as well. Basically, make your workstation as ergonomic as possible.
Doing exercises to counter your daily activities would be a good start You will also want to consider getting a disc seat cushion. It works like working on an exercise ball so your posture has to stay proper but you do not run the risk of falling off.
A sit/stand or standing workstation is a great way to correct your posture. Chest stretches will also help.
The best QUICK FIX would be to buy a yoga ball or a vestibular disc from Amazon. This will create the illusion to your brain that you are sitting on an unstable surface and will activate the core muscles and engage then to limit sloughing.

A better long-term approach would be to seek chiropractic and Alexander technique combination care to address your skeletal and muscles weakness along with giving your tools and strategies to remain straight and healthy,
Good Posture is a conscious decision. When you think of someone with poor posture you think of an old person. The fact that you notice the posture change is good. Now is the time to working on that. The best way to make the correction is to change your environment. Get chairs that allow you to sit up straight. If your keyboard or monitor are too low fix that. Stand with your back against the wall. This is the best position for your posture to be in. Best of success to you. It is worth the effort.
Stand up desk is extremely helpful....
The key is to correct yourself. Posture cannot be changed overnight as it has taken some time to get to its current state. Look up postural exercises like wall angels and spinal bridges to change posture over time. We prescribe those two everyday for posture to be done at night before bed to allow your body to restore proper posture and then fall asleep. This allows your body to continue the change overnight rather than continue to get tight during the day. Try them for 3 weeks and see if you are better corrected. Add some chiropractic adjustments in and it will help to get you better aligned.

Hope that helps.
Chiropractic care and yoga is what I recommend to my patients
First, carry a notebook and note anything throughout your day that you notice may be contributing to your posture changes...then list how to remedy that. If you notice you're slouched at your desk, you might write "sit up taller," "get computer stand," or "set a timer to tell me to stand up and walk around every 30 minutes." Also, getting your posture/spine assessed by a doctor of chiropractic is very helpful and will accelerate your results.

Raise your monitor (if you use one) to eye level. Do thoracic extension exercises if it’s safe for you to do so.
Poor posture comes from muscle imbalance. Some muscles become "lazy" and are not holding you up properly. You need to "wake-up" those muscles and train them. Along with re-training weak muscles, you need to address the tight muscles that are pulling you into a hunched posture. A chiropractor can help with all of this.