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What can I do to prepare for my adjustment?

I'm having an adjustment done because I have a lot of muscular tension in my back. Is there anything that I should do to prepare for my adjustment?

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Stay hydrated. Dress comfortably. Enjoy.
No preparation is required unless you feel particularly anxious or apprehensive. If so, communicate with your doctor so you can work through a solution together.
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Well, relax. Make sure you to drink enough water and some magnesium will help relax your muscles. Wear comfortable clothes. Ask your new chiropractor what they suggest.
Destress, deep breathing exercises.

The best advice I can give prior to an adjustment is to relax. We are highly trained and educated doctors whose number one rule is to be safe and effective.


Dr. Duchon
I recommend working on deep breathing exercises as well as alternating ice and heat to the painful area.
Drink an extra glass of water and wear clothes that you can move around in. It might seem silly but don’t show up intoxicated. You might need a second or third adjustment so don’t get discouraged if you are not a hundred percent better after one treatment. Enjoy!
No preparation needed for most adjustments. It’s recommended that if you want to get a massage you do it AFTER the adjustment. The reason for this is the muscle tension allows us to use speed instead of force and if you are too relaxed, the chiropractor may need to use more force. You should not experience any pain with an adjustment, just some soreness after as you muscles get back to balance. Enjoy!
There really isn’t anything you need to do to prepare for your adjustment. Maybe just leave any fears or apprehensions at home and trust the doctor.
Afterwards it might be good to go for a walk and then relax to allow the treatment to settle and hold.