Dermatologist Questions Core Sores

Is there a way to prevent cold sores from children?

This is the third time that my daughter has a cold sore, and she's only 5 years old. She keeps catching the infection from school. Is there a way to prevent this condition from recurring in children who are prone to it?

3 Answers

This is a virus and gets reactivated within someone's own self. It gets reactivated when someone is sick, under stress, or exposed to sunlight. There are topical creams to be used when the sore starts. Oral Rx is for when she is older. Lastly, sunblock, zinc, is very important to use.
Unfortunately the child will carry the virus and be prone to cold sores the rest of her life to a greater or lesser degree. She can possibly reduce the incidence and severity by using an over the counter Acylovir cream applied early during the produce when she first feels symptoms and before the blister appear
Cold sores is an infection. Someone with that virus had kissed your baby on her lips before. Don't ignore. Go to a pediatrician or derm for help.