Podiatrist (Foot and Ankle Specialist) Questions Foot Injuries and Disorders

How can I prevent foot issues?

I work long hours on my feet, and my doctor said I am at risk for developing issues in my feet. How can I prevent this?

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Proper shoe gear and good support will help prevent foot issues.
Did he suggest an orthotic? If not, find a podiatrist.
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There are ways to help prevent foot problems. The use of proper shoe gear and/or possible inserts.
This is a very vague question. It really depends on what your risks are, what your comorbidities are, and what your foot dysfunction might be. Often times, you can help your foot function with proper, custom made orthotics (the majority of over the counter orthotics are not adequate to help with your foot function/dysfunction)
There are many reasons for developing foot problems. The best preventive is comfortable supportive shoes. You might also want to consider support stockings to prevent varicose veins.
See you podiatrist to properly evaluate your feet to see what if the best option to match your daily requirements of your feet, even more so if your diabetic or have other medical issues which may affect your feet.
Most appropriate thing to do is to be sure you where the shoes that do not cause discomfort. You can exercise. Also suggested he see a podiatrist in your area for further treatment
Depending on what issues you are having will determine the appropriate treatment to reduce those issues. I recommend you be evaluated by a foot and ankle specialist (podiatrist)
Wear supportive well fitted shoe gear. Wear white cotton socks that wick away moisture. Change shoe gear frequently. Ideally get two of the same pair of shoes and alternate daily.
The "simplest" starting point is to use proper fitting, supportive shoes. For those who require stability and support of the feet, it is always better to choose shoes that are stiffer soled, thicker soled, with possibly even adding custom orthotics to control the foot biomechanics.
Proper shoes and support go a long way. Try wearing appropriate arch support with appropriate shoe gear for what your demands are. The more lightweight the better. Also never shop for shoes in the morning, also shoe shop when your feet are at their worst, like after work.