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How is a proctologist different from a Gastroentrologist?

Since both proctologist and gastroenterologist treat issues associated with the digestive tract, what is the primary difference between the two?

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A proctologist is a old term for a physician,who treats diseases of the anus and lower rectum medically and surgically. A gastroenterologist is a physician, who treats the whole GI tract medically and does endoscopies.Today there are very few proctologists left. They have been replaced by Board certified surgeons,called colon and rectal surgeons,who operate on the entire GI tract and do colonoscopies.
A gastroenterologist is a medical doctor and a proctologist is a Surgeon. Both perform colonoscopy.
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Proctologists do NOT treat the digestive tract, they only treat diseases of the rectum. Gastroenterologists treat the entire digestive system.