Radiologist Questions Mri

Should a radiologist inform the patient about the test results?

Recently I got an X-ray and an MRI. Before I could take the reports to my doctor, the radiologist provided the results to me. Are those results accurate or do I still need to see a doctor for an opinion of the results?

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Radiologists interprets the study that your physician has ordered. It may be only a part of the work up that you are going through. You must see the physician who has ordered the radiological studies as a part of your ongoing treatment and work up. Remember that radiologist is not your treating physician, he is merely gives an opinion on the study performed at that moment in time.
The radiologist needs to inform the nature and results of the test performed in most instances.
The radiologist should not convey his findings to a patient. This is not because of secrecy or not to be helpful. Instead, it is for the welfare of the patient. The imaging findings are a part of a patient work-up. The clinician needs to interpret these findings in view of his physical exam, clinical history, and other ancillary test results to arrive at a proper diagnosis.

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Dr. Modesto Sanchez-Torres
Yes. I do.
The radiologist is a consultant to the referring physician. The patient should receive the information from the referring doctor. Everything depends every situation. If it is an interventional procedure, diagnostic, it may be appropriate to inform the patient because of further testing.
Radiologists interpret medical imaging and provide reports to ordering physicians. The reports are increasingly available directly to patients through the electronic medical record. The radiologist under certain circumstances may give the imaging results directly to the patient especially if the results are urgent. Please still keep your doctor's appointment they may have additional lab results and would be important in the treatment plan.
Times have changed. If the Radiogist is the one who’s going to render the final report he or she should inform the patient about the results to decrease patient’s anxiety