Audiologist Questions Hearing Disorders and Deafness

What could be the reason for my "hazy" hearing?

I feel like my hearing is becoming very hazy. Voices and noises that are near to me seem like they are coming from a distance. What could be the reason for this?

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Many things could contribute to these symptoms, ranging from wax in your ear to allergies/cold to a true ear infection. There are certainly other very unlikely things that could cause these symptoms, but playing the numbers, I'd bet it's one of the first three. I'd recommend seeing your family doc for an evaluation and exam.


Dr. L
Males typically will develop hearing issues more than women. You did not state your gender. There are several reasons for a person to develop hearing loss. One is being around loud noises such as a "rock band", shooting guns etc... The other is age related hearing loss. The only way to determine what your diagnosis would be is to seek out an ENT and have a hearing exam. The other concern is the hearing loss on both sides or only on one side. OR, in some cases it is because you have a build up of wax in your ears and most physician offices can irrigate ears, or you can use mildly warm sweet oil using a few drops each night to break up the wax. If you continue to have the problem I encourage you to seek out an ENT specialist for a more definitive diagnosis and treatment plan.
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