Optometrist Questions Pink eye

What is the reason for repeated pink eye?

My daughter has had pink eye 3 times in 4 months. Why does she keep getting this?

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There are three things that cause pinkeye. Bacteria, viruses and allergies. I think there is a problem with hygiene. Thoroughly washing hands after going to the bathroom, playing outdoors or doing any activity that exposes the person to bacteria.
The main reason for actual pinkeye is touching the eye with a contaminated finger or hand. Pink eye is an actual infection by bacteria or virus. It usually goes to the other eye and has to run its course. If it is viral, no antibiotics will work and you just have to wait. I would encourage you to clean well with a disinfectant such as bleach and water the entire room, bathroom, toys sheets, etc. It has to be coming from somewhere. That often leads me more to thinking it is viral. Your pediatrician certainly can help you. Something at home or school is a problem as is the hated "wash your hands."

Robert Maynard, O.D.
Frequent hand washing is a big help and so is not touching her eyes unnecessarily. She is likely picking it up from something she has touched and then touching her eye. See an eye doctor to confirm that it is actually pink eye and not something else.
I would visit an eye care professional to determine the root cause of your daughter's recurrent pink eye but in my experience, recurrent pink eye is due to patient's not washing his/her hands properly before touching his/her eye(s). Also, pink eye is usually caused by a virus so it can be contagious and spread from one eye to the other eye. Also, frequent flu/colds can cause pink eyes also. Remember, if the pink eyes are due to a viral nature, then using antibiotic drops will be of NO use, since antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections.