Ear-Nose and Throat Doctor (Pediatric) Questions Tonsillitis

Relapse tonsillitis

My son has been experiencing a relapse in tonsillitis, bad breath and fevers for the past six months. Why?

Male | 4 years old
Complaint duration: 6 months
Medications: azithromycin,augmenting and cefroxim
Conditions: Tonsillitis

6 Answers

The bad breath sometimes can happen with Sinusitis. He needs to see an ENT specialist so they can do a complete examination, X-rays of the sinuses, and soft tissue X-ray of the neck to see size of tonsils and adenoids. Needs further work up for recurrent fever. Best to discuss with your pediatrician.
Sometimes the tonsils become a source of infection instead of helping fight infection. Consider asking your primary Dr. for a referral to ENT, it may be time to get them out.
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This is not a relapse unless he was having infections and then was doing much better, and then started again. This is simply a pattern of recurrent tonsillitis over several months. This should get better into the warmer season, but you can ask your pediatrician about prescribing clindamycin for the next Infection. It has been shown to cut down on strep in several studies. There are no other secrets.

Hello! I am sorry to hear about your son. Does he have large tonsils? Has he been evaluated by an ENT (ear-nose-throat) specialist? Seems like he might need further intervention- drainage, tonsil removal. Consult with your pediatrician first, but he seems to have been treated with the appropriate antibiotics. He should also be evaluated for sinusitis (similar symptoms) but length of treatment is longer.

Good luck!
There are a lot of possibilities here. Your son could have tonsillar crypts, which can lead to recurrent problems that you describe. He could have a strep carrier in the household that is leading to recurrent strep. Finally, he could have a periodic fever syndrome such as pfapa. A good pediatrician can look over your kid's history and determine the best course of action.
Obviously, the tonsils are no longer doing their jobs. Please consider a sleep study and seeing an ear, nose, and throat specialist. These Refractive tonsils are heading for surgery.