Infectious Disease Specialist Questions Urinary Tract Infections

What are the best remedies to treat and prevent the recurrence of UTI?

I am a 24 year old woman and in the last two years, I have suffered from three rounds of urinary tract infections. What is the best way to treat these infections and how can I prevent them from recurring?

3 Answers

Urinary tract infections in young women usually occur because of sexual activity and/or the inability to drink enough fluids during the day to clear the bladder. If they continue, you should seek a consultation with a urologist.
UTIs are more frequent in some women than others and you should talk to your doctor to figure out if there are any anatomical irregularities and also to check what microorganism is/are causing them and if there is any antibiotic resistance. To treat appropriately, you should have a urine culture and take antibiotic that targets the microorganism that is causing your UTI, also a minimum of 2 weeks antibiotics and start taking probiotics after you finish your antibiotic treatment.
I would recommend drinking plenty of fluids, take probiotics daily and, if you are sexually active, always empty your bladder after intercourse (it helps flush bacteria that might have made its way up the urethra).
Not all UTIs should be treated with antibiotics. A large number of uncomplicated UTIs resolve on their own. You should have the discussion with a local doctor who can assess your individual case better.