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Can sand trigger skin allergies?

My son is 5 years old and every time she comes back from playing in the park, in the sandbox, I noticed that she gets rashes and that her skin is really dry. I am now wondering if it could be the sand that is causing the allergy?

2 Answers

Unfortunately this is not uncommon. It could be an irritant response from the friction or could be related to allergies to either dust mites or other inhalants and pollens that end up in the sand boxes.
I would advise you seeing a board certified allergist who can do proper evaluation and advise you on how to control and prevent the symptoms from occurring.
Well, it would be really difficult to tell what exactly is going on without having a look. Having said that, sand is an inorganic mixture of silica and other compounds and it is unlikely that this is a true allergy. It is more likely an irritant reaction (abbrasions) or something else is mixed in with the sand which is causing the reactions. Please consult with your medical provider