Chiropractor Questions Sciatica

Is sciatica pain a lifelong problem?

For the past two months, I've been suffering from sciatica pain. Right now I am undergoing physical therapy to treat it, but the problem is still there. Is this condition lifelong?

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Typically, no. There can be a lot of factors that contribute to as Sciatica. I recommend also seeing a chiropractor at the same time as PT for potentially quicker relief.
Sciatica pain is not lifelong. The root cause of the problem is not handled. The sciatic pain could also be coming from the low back. Therefore, another alternative should be taken.
If it is properly diagnosed and treated this will not be a lifelong condition. Try to find a PT or Chiropractor who utilizes the "McKenzie Method" this will help you immensely.
Sciatica does not have to be a lifelong problem with proper chiropractic treatment. It has been very effective for sciatica.
Sorry to hear you have been suffering. The good news is sciatica is not a lifelong condition when treated! There can be many contributors to sciatica including muscles (which is the focus of physical therapy), and sometimes it comes from your low back or pelvic bones. Both components (and more) are addressed by a chiropractor, so it may be worth finding one you trust who will work with your physical therapist to get you out of pain for good!
No but you might need to see a chiropractor.
Yes, it can be a chronic reoccurring condition but it is controllable with regular chiropractic care. I was in your situation as a young college student. Once I started seeing my chiropractor and followed his instructions I have experienced maybe a dozen episodes over the last 40+ years and they were all relieved in less than 2 hours after a chiropractic manipulation.
It depends. Typically, if the pain is not constant, meaning it gets better/worse/changes throughout the day, that is strong evidence that it can be treated conservatively. If it never gets any better at all and is there every minute of the day, therapy still can work but it might be a surgical issue (in which case you could still find relief). I would find a chiropractor or physical therapist near you trained in the McKenzie Method of Diagnosis and Therapy. Here is their therapist locator for the US
No, it shouldn't be. However, if you don't address the underlying cause and only treat the pain symptoms it can be.
No it's not a lifelong problem. Physical therapy is great but I would suggest you see a Doctor Of Chiropractic. We help people everyday with Sciatica in our center. If you're in NJ call 201-265-0555 and we will help you figure out the cause and come up with a solution
It can be, however it depends on the severity and the cause. Imaging and consults with a chiropractor would be the best first step to take.
It can become one if not aggressively treated by a chiropractor
Sciatica is not a lifelong problem. It is usually related to compression of a nerve coming out of the low back. Chiropractic is very beneficial.
Possibly, if left untreated. As chiropractors, we treat the CAUSE of your sciatica, not cover up the symptoms. Seek a good chiropractic referral in your area.
No! With Chiropractic care many patients receive permanent relief
I would suggest to seek Chiropractic care in conjunction with Physical therapy. Both of those together will help. If the problem is taken care of, I do not believe it to be lifelong.
Sciatica should not be a lifelong condition. Hopefully you are improving with PT. When dealing with a patient that has one-sided leg pain we first want to rule out a disc problem. Making sure there is no weakness in the limb, next is to see how far the pain moves down the leg (ends in behind, knee, ankle or toes).

If it's a true sciatica, improving flexibility in the Glutes and Hamstrings daily can help reduce the Sciatic pain, making sure pain does not become an ongoing issue. Improving flexibility and then incorporating core-strengthening exercises is a formula for continued success. Chiropractic adjustments can be an intricate part of your treatment to keep the joint spaces open in the Lumbar and Sacral areas, as the origin of the Sciatic nerve begins in that area.
Majority of the time, Sciatica does resolve. Sciatica is either caused by the nerve being compressed or stretched. The goal for the PT or chiropractor that is treating it is for them to find out where the nerve is being compressed, as it can be compressed in the lower back, possibly due to a herniated disc, or it can be pinched in the hip (most common), piriformis
syndrome. Try stretching and massaging the glute on the side of which you have sciatica and see if that helps relieve the symptoms. If you have sciatica down into the foot, most likely it is disc related, which, with proper treatment, can be resolved, and if not, you may need to get a surgery consult.
Once your sciatica has been alleviated you’ll have to maintain correction via adjustments, core strengthening, diet, exercise, inversion tables and a positive mental attitude. You got this ❤️
Thank you for the question.

Sciatica is NOT a lifelong pain and if you are not seeing the benefit after two months of PT, then you have to make a change in therapy. Sciatica should be reducing within the first week or two and we see resolution within the month when the cause is found. If the right orthopedic tests or MRI's were not done to confirm if it was a disc bulge or herniation, spinal stenosis, muscle spasm, etc., then the treatment will not be specific for you case. I would recommend going to an orthopedic trained chiropractor as we see sciatic cases regularly and he/she can test you properly to determine the cause. Then, the treatment can be applied properly and sciatic relieved quickly.
Of course not. If your chiropractor cannot fix it or greatly improve it after 5 or 6 visits, he/she should refer you to get an MRI. This would show us the probable cause of your leg pain and what your next step should be.