Chiropractor Questions Sciatica

Inspite of bed rest, my sciatica pain is not getting better?

I have severe sciatica pain which is not getting better inspite of resting. What should I do?

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Bed rest most of the time is not the answer for sciatica. Sciatica could be caused by many different conditions. I would suggest seeing a chiropractor first having the sciatic nerve test to properly diagnose it. You can get the treatment and the right treatment for that condition much faster and it would be much more costly effective
I recommend scheduling an examination with a Chiropractor to assess the cause of the Sciatica and get relief with adjustments and corrective exercises/stretches.
Bed rest is not an option for sciatica. The cause must be treated.
Resting alone does not clear your sciatica. You need to see a chiropractor to find the cause and correct it followed by specific low back exercises.
Bed rest compresses the nerve. I would advise to seek chiropractic care.
Make an appointment with your doctor and talk to him/her about requesting a lumbar MRI to see in detail your problem and treatment options.
Many times sciatic nerve irritation is due to prolonged sitting and inactivity. I recommend light walking for 5-10 minutes.
See A corrective care Chiropractor!
Sciatica is a general term referring to inflammation of the sciatic nerve. This inflammation could be coming from a number of sources like a pinched nerve in the lower back, tight muscles in the buttocks squeezing on the nerve or even directly from muscles in the leg. The first step in determining what the best treatment option would be for you is a full examination of your spine by a chiropractor, and possibly a set of x-rays looking for spinal abnormalities.
Find the cause of the Sciatica. It could be as simple as a tight muscle compressing the nerve along its path to the leg or it could be a space occupying lesion like a disc herniation compressing the nerve root. There are many other causes as well. But, with the leg symptom of sciatica, you know the nerve is being irritated somewhere. The source needs to be found and corrected. If it has not healed, you should consult a physician to help identify the cause. You can try a chiropractor, orthopedic or physical therapist. These poviders should be able to accurately diagnose the condition.
Take care and be well.
Dr. Eric Miller