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How long should children be allowed on the computer?

My child plays all day on the computer. I think it's way too much and that it may start to affect his eyesight. How long should children be allowed on the computer? What do you suggest?

7 Answers

2hrs daily
It depends on the age and the programs they are watching under supervision. Older kids can do their homework on the computer. For recreational purposes and general knowledge for a period two hours maximum per day, there should be intermittent changes of posture.
Too much screen time can cause dry eyes and your child is not getting enough physical activity each day. Try to limit screen time to 1 hour per day and encourage more outside activities
American academy of Pediatrics recommends maximum screen time for children is 2 hours a day. It includes video games, iPad , iPhone etc.
Any time over one hour a day is associated with increasing problems. Not so much eyesight but psychological problems
Screen time should be limited to an hour for kids . No screen time for babies and toddlers less than age 2 years.
Middle and high school kids may have papers to type on the computers, not spend time playing games etc
As recommended by the American academy of pediatrics total screen time should not be more than 2 hours.