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Severe Pneumonia

My 22 yr old brother was recently diagnosed with having stage 4 pneumonia. Is this in any way treatable? I don't want to cause false hope and I do believe a doctors, like you can, help us.

Male | 22 years old
Medications: None
Conditions: None

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It depends if there has been any previous history of lung damage, as well as any history of smoking or second hand smoke. If none of those, then he should recover with antibiotics and activities to help clear the lungs.

Barbara A. Stewart, MD, FCCP, FAAP
Four stages of lobar pneumonia have been described. In the first stage, which occurs within 24 hours of infection, the lung is characterized microscopically by vascular congestion and alveolar edema. Many bacteria and few neutrophils are present. The stage of red hepatization (2-3 d), so called because of its similarity to the consistency of liver, is characterized by the presence of many erythrocytes, neutrophils, desquamated epithelial cells, and fibrin within the alveoli. In the stage of gray hepatization (2-3 d), the lung is gray-brown to yellow because of fibrinopurulent exudate, disintegration of RBCs, and hemosiderin. The final stage of resolution is characterized by resorption and restoration of the pulmonary architecture. Fibrinous inflammation may lead to resolution or to organization and pleural adhesions.
Stage 4 pneumonia is resolution. Resolution is when you heal from the disease.