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Should I really go to psychotherapy?

Since I was a child, I've had a strange desire to crossdress. But now my mother has found out and is making it seem like it's really wrong, when I don't really think it is. She's making me go to psychotherapy to treat it. Should I go?

4 Answers

Yes but not necessarily to please your mother. You need to learn more about your behavior.
It’s usually a good idea to explore individual issues in oneself that others will question or condemn. Learning what it means to you will help you understand and better explain yourself to others that matter to you so that conflicts and resentments get resolved. Gender issues are a hot and potentially divisive issue in families. Therapy will help you help your mother to feel she did not do something “wrong.”
You have a lot of uncertainty about yourself, a lot of unanswered questions. Psychotherapy can help you to find the answers. It will help a lot. Why do you hesitate? It will help you to learn about yourself, your needs, etc.
If you do not want to go, it is unlikely that therapy will be useful.