Dentist Questions Root Canal Treatment

Should I get a second opinion about having a root canal?

Should I get a second dentist to determine whether I really need a root canal? I wasn't experiencing any symptoms, and in my most recent check up my dentist told me that I have a tooth that needs one. I'm just not too sure.

11 Answers

Yes it is a good idea to get a second opinion about the need for a root canal.
Yes, but see an Endodontist
Ask to see a specialist. They’ll do it better if you need it.

See an endodontist or root canal specialist to be sure.
Yes, definitely see an endodontist for an opinion.
Why not? Can’t hurt.
If you are not having symptoms, can your dentist show you your X-ray? A dark space at the tip of the root is a likely indication of needing a root canal. Many abscessed teeth have no symptoms and are picked up on routine films. If you are still not feeling right, then get a 2nd opinion.

Brenda Berkal, DMD
If you are unsure or untrusting of the recommendation of your dentist, then a second opinion is always a good idea. However, I would advise you to seek this opinion from an endodontist, a root canal specialist. You can do a google search to learn about one that is in your area.

Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S.
Symptoms are not the only criteria to determine if a tooth needs a root canal. If you are having any doubts, you should schedule an appointment with an endodontist, who can perform specialized pulp testing and take necessary xrays to confirm or rule out if you need a root canal.
If you are in pain you need to see your dentist and have him or her do what needs to be done. If you don't do what it's supposed to be done you will have more pain and it will get stronger in its pain.
Most root canals are diagnosed because of the presence of symptoms such as pain to cold, biting or heat. At times, the need for a root canal can be diagnosed on an X-ray due to visible infection or large amounts of decay. If there is ever a question as to your need for treatment, getting a second opinion from a trusted practitioner is a reasonable option.