Dentist Questions Teeth Whitening

Should I whiten my teeth three times a year?

I want to get my teeth whitened more frequently, and I'm thinking I should do this around 3 times a year. Is this safe?

5 Answers

There are some safe whitening systems that you can use & get great result as needed!
Whitening teeth is safe as long as it is not done to an extreme level in any one sitting. 3 times a year is fine so long as your teeth are healthy and you are able to tolerate the sensitivity that comes with whitening products.
This is a common question and a little difficult to answer as there are many different whitening systems out there now. A good guideline is to follow the manufacturer's recommendations. If the system was delivered or obtained by a dentist, he or she should have the recommended frequency. There are whitening systems that have "touch up" recommendations and 3 times a year might be appropriate, but it would be modified from the initial whitening regimen that you began.

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Jossi Stokes, DDS
Teeth whitening is completely safe and you can whiten 3 times a year or as needed.