Pediatrician Questions W position

My daughter sits in a W position most of the time. Is it really bad for her?

I have read a number of articles that say sitting in W position is bad for the kids. Is that true? I always thought it is a natural position for kids to sit. What are the real implications of sitting in a W position for kids?

6 Answers

This can cause relaxation of hip muscle and cause intoeing. This causes an abnormal gait that is hard to correct
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We used to caution against allowing children to sit this way, but it seems that the position doesn't have any long-term effects on bone growth.
It is generally ok. Some say it can affect the hips, no great evidence of that.
It is not that it is bad for her, it is that it may indicate that there is another problem. Children who tend to sit in a W position tend to have "low tone" and can have other neurological issues. I would recommend that you talk to your Pediatrician about it.
Sitting in children is discouraged as it can lead to hip dislocation in kids with orthopedic predisposition. It also widens the pelvis base and can loosen up the hips and shorten some of the muscles, which affects later on the stability, balance, and coordination.
Sitting should be discouraged and kids with this habit should be reminded constantly to fix it.
Yes, it can cause her hips to have dysplasia.