Emergency Physician Questions Hypoglycemia

What should be the first few steps in case of hypoglycemia?

My mother in law is a diabetic patient and her sugar levels have been fluctuating. What are the steps that we need to take in case she becomes hypoglycemic?

2 Answers

Patient needs to be given oral agents. Including glucose tablets, orange juice, other foods high in sugar. The blood sugar has to be rechecked within 30 minutes. However, the patient needs to be evaluated by a healthcare professional right away to find out what’s causing the hypoglycemia.
Immediate steps for hypoglycemia:
1. Recognize the symptoms and confirm by checking finger stick blood sugar.
2. If sugar is low, give sugar containg items such as orange juice, fruit punch etc
3. Recheck sugar after an hour
4. If symptoms do not improve call 911 and go to the mearest ER
5. Stroke mimics hypoglycemia
6. If this happens again and again, you need to find the cause.
7. Current medication may need to changed or dosage adjusted
8. If she is on Insulin, extra care should be taken as to when she takes it and check exact units of insulin.
Hope this helps