Pediatrician Questions Turmeric

To stop my child from bleeding is turmeric considered a good option?

I have a growing child and like all kids he falls down and hurts himself. My mother told me to use turmeric to help the bleeding stuff, something her mother used to do. Is this really a good method?

4 Answers

Applying pressure on the wound would be a better option. Turmeric may prevent a clot from forming

Turmeric is used not to stop bleeding, but to help prevent serious infection in the wounded area. Turmeric has the capacity to stop bacterial growth in a wounded area.
If you are asking about turmeric the spice, I do not believe this spice has any effect to stop the bleeding. The usual recommendation is to clean the wound and remove all the dirt and apply a clean towel to stop the bleeding.
No, you should clean the bleeding area with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. Turmeric is not a good choice.