Psychologist Questions Nightmares

How can I stop nightmares about an event from my childhood?

When I was a child, I was severely bullied. For the past few months, I have been having recurring nightmares about when I was bullied. What can I do to help make these stop?

4 Answers

Your nightmares are telling you that you have signs of PTSD; please do see a specialist in that aspect of mental health treatment. Once the traumas are worked through, the nightmares will diminish.
Years after the danger has passed, traumatic memories can spontaneously return into consciousness, both as flashbacks during waking states and as traumatic nightmares during sleep. Minor, seemingly insignificant reminders can also trigger these memories, which often return with all the vividness and emotional impact of the original event. In addition, nightmares of the traumatic event can represent incomplete healing of the past trauma. To decrease the likelihood of reminders and foster healing, you can work on establishing safety in your environment and relationships and make conscious efforts to distinguish the past from the present. You would benefit from meeting with a mental health professional who can help you establish safety in your life and help you more thoroughly process the past trauma to decrease the likelihood of re-experiencing it during sleep.
Maybe something in your life right now is making you feel insecure. And it will trigger past events. Try to stay calm and know that the past cannot hurt you anymore unless you let it. Being around friends and family at times can help
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