Physical Therapist Questions Hamstring pain

I have a pain in my hamstrings after playing baseball. Can you suggest some stretches that could help me out?

I played baseball today and now I have a sore, dull pain in my hamstrings. Could you suggest some stretches that could help me out? Should I stretch before playing next time?

3 Answers

You should be stretching before every game, pros do not get out of the car and go right into the game and neither should you. Most pro athletes are at the venue 2-3 hours before game time to get their bodies ready. There are many variations of a hamstring stretch that are effective. You may have to try several out on your own or go seek the recommendation of your local PT. That way they can see where you need the stretch and can prescribe the appropriate hamstring stretch for you.
It's hard to prescribe exercise without taking a look at you in person. You are better off scheduling an evaluation with a PT to get a full assessment of any deficits.
Honestly, there are some great ACTIVE stretches that you can perform. Best thing to do is YouTube Active stretches for legs and perform them before playing next time. Also, it is important to be exercising in general to allow your body to tolerate the stresses on your body from playing baseball.